Visit a Working Red Gum wood turning Gallery

Jonny Gloyne from Australian Red Gum gallery is one of those iconic Aussies who just loves to show a visitor his craft. A true artisan.

Be ready with a sharp sense of humour when you are next down the western end of South Australia's picturesque Kanagaroo Island. Make sure you stop in at the Gallery to see Jonny turning another unique natural Australian Red Gum piece right in front of your eyes.

You'll be amazed to see how easy he makes the complex task of boring out a Pepper Grinder. Or turning a gorgeous table centrepiece presentation bowl from a seemingly knarled piece of wood found in the bush.

Jonny is indeed unique. He has an eye for a gorgeous piece of fallen timber laying in the bush. Many of the local farmers and property owners welcome him onto their land looking for 'just the right piece' to create his next masterpiece for you.

All pieces are for sale if you also see a piece perfect for a gift or souvenier for a friend or family member ... or just for yourself. Pieces can be packaged for safe transport interstate and overseas. A wide range of useful pieces from small to large, starting from only $20 are available.

More than once, Jonny's been seen on the run as he turns over a piece to find a snake or kangaroo not too happy about being woken up. But Jonny always gets his log!

Locals, Kangaroo Island visitors and tourists (including tour coaches) often drop in. Maybe bring a picnic basket and relax on the lawns outside. Perhaps stay some nights also at Jonny's adjacent Roo Lagoon Homestead, just a stone's throw from K.I.'s magnificent Flinders Chase National Park; Admirals Arch; and Stokes Bay.

If you are looking for fun things to do and see and places to go on Kangaroo Island, taking a tour of Australian Red Gum Gallery is a great choice!


Another happy student at Australian red Gum gallery

Kate learns how to turn a bowl

Jonny cuts a majestic CupGum in the paddock

Lesson on finishing touches and a happy student

Jonny on his way to find THAT special tree in the paddock

Jonny found THAT tree and is cutting it to transportable size

Meet Jonny - turning a Red Wood Pepper Grinder and fitting its grinding mechanism.